• A music lover always dreams for a great stage performance in his lifestyle by which people remember him and a memory that everyone will carry. But a guitar without amplifier is like a music without life. If you want to put life to your guitar and to your music, then you need a good quality amplifier for your stage performance.

    Yamaha is a well known Japanese brand in terms of guitar and its accessories. There are wide range of Yahama guitar power amplifier but with Limited availability as the demand is quite high for these products among the music lovers and performers. If you are looking for a good quality guitar amplifier for stage performance which would be your one time investment, then you can start checking the specifications of these guitar amplifiers.

    A tie if you can wear one (I mean if you are not in uniform service without tie) or a shoe if you choose it properly can always add up to your personality and if you are an officer, a high ranking officer, then you should take minutest care in these stuffs. This may seem to be trivial but once you experience the feeling of being perfect, you will realize the tantamount benefits of these small things.

    Almost everything you do or you wear is important but a wrist watch is again another but seemingly most important addon to your personality. So, as an officer you should take care of your watch also, I mean an elegant wrist watch will give perfect personality to your rank.

    These are all small stuffs and seemingly not so important and people most of the time neglect these things. But take a chance and look the outcome of the improvised personality with all these quality addons or accessories in your personality.

    There are different types of musical instruments and there is no harm in your fall in love with any one of the instruments. For me, its guitar and don’t misunderstand me as it doesn’t mean that I am a good guitarist, but I would love to, one day. Among different guitars, acoustic guitar is more versatile I suppose as it can play almost any kind of song whether it is rock, pop, classical or any other genre.

    Now there guitars which are small in size but size does not diminish their performance. The quality of strings, the wood of the body and the frets are all that matter for the performance of the guitar. You can shop now those comfortable shape and small size with improvised quality of the wood and the string to boost up their performance. These guitar will be comfortable for hiking, camping, camp fire and other special occasions.

    October, as you know, is the month of festival all over India. Whether it is Diwali or Bhai Dooj or Bhai Potra or Ningol Chakouba, every part of India receives the wave of happiness of festive season for some festival or others. In this time of merrymaking, another way of looking things is to buy good stuffs at discounted prices, especially the electronic products. Most of the retailer shops offer discounted prices in electronic devices and household appliances. So, buying things when everyone is happy with festive mood, especially when your wife is happy is a good opportunity. You can grasp one good mobile or big screen smart TV or any other electronic items as there will less resistance from your wife and also it is the time when you will get things at low price.

    In this season, I am planning to buy one LED TV with minimum 42″ with smart features as there is heavy discount on TVs, refrigerators and other electronic items. I have already flipped too many pages of magazines and googled too many times reading reviewing but still I got stuck in a big confusion. Experts are invited to throw some lights and drop their expert comments regarding the features of different LCD, LED and Plasma TV and best buy for this season.

    Even if the exterior design of a house is superb, if the interior design is not good, then you will not get the charm in that house because exterior design is for the onlookers but inhabitants of the house also matter the interior design of the house. It is the interior design of a house that gives comforts and pleasant feeling to the inhabitants.

    The appearance of the interior of a house also depends on the curtains and the drapes use to decorate the table, door and the windows. So, it is very important to choose beautiful and attractive drapes and curtains according to the paint of your house and the design. If you are looking for great design curtains and drapes, then these burlap drapes and curtains are worth paying a look because you will find wide range of drapes and curtains with different patterns and colours.

    The Mary Kom is supposed to be a biopic but it could make it up to certain level only. Part of the story which deviates from the original. Fighting with a man for money in the fight club kind of thing does not exist in Manipur and I doubt she did such kind of thing in her whole life.

    No doubt the movie is good and Priyanka Chopra did a fabulous job in this and she would have worked really hard to bring that kind of physique and moves in the boxing. But in course of the story when the gruesome moments come in the movie, it always seems like something is lacking whether the acting or the story.

    But overall the movie is good with simple story line and some touch of humour is also there in the movie. People must be enjoying some of scenic places of Manipur but to some people it may look like art film because in some part of the movie, it really seems like an art movie without much conversation.