• Like the saying goes, “├ľnce an idiot is always an idiot”, Once a good movie is always a good movie. There was time when life was so occupied and busy with work and family and you hardly get time to watch a single movie yet you get all the updates of newly released movie. Now there is time in life when you enjoy endless leisure time scratching your back, basking sun but you don’t get any update about the release of good movie.

    Now I am posted in one of the remotest places in India where there is less work but lots of time to watch movie and focus on hobbies. Nowadays I use to watch movies 4-5 hours a day whether good or bad movie. But I came across recently is that there is always a message or good thing in any kind of movie. The so called bad movie is bad because it doesn’t have the element that you are looking for.

    So, never just say that a movie is good or bad because it may hurt the sentiment of those who love that movie. Rather it is wise to say that it does not have the element that you are looking for in that movie. But my taste for movie keeps on changing with time, years, season and nature of work. So, currently I enjoy action movies that do not need much brain without much story as nowadays I watch movies along with my colleagues in the TV hall.

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    The journey of life has too many twists and turns and nobody really knows what may change your life in entirety. But there are some basic things in life which remain unchanged throughout the journey of life. If one knows these basics of life, then you will be a successful and happy man in your own way.

    I used to love movies, I still love movies but I hardly get time to watch even a single movie in full. Also, nowadays because of my new job and new responsibility, things are like movies. Everyday is a new day for me with new cases each day.

    In this short period of time, I realized something which is very important in everyone’s life who is serving as public servant and administrator. In technical job like that of Engineers etc. in corporate world, human behavior doesn’t play much role. But in the job as an administrator or public servant, the human behavior of the individual plays a vital role. You can’t just rely on your bookish knowledge for administration.

    So, the basic things of humour, relationship with public, sub ordinate, strict command etc. will be of great help if you want to conduct your business of administration successfully.

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    A comparison cannot be done among various musical instruments because each of the instruments has its own strong points and weak points based on the requirement of the musician. So, it is wise not to compare different musical instruments. But in a particular instrument, let’s say Guitar, a comparison can always be drawn as to which guitar brand or maker has the best wood or fretboard or appearance or performance and so forth.

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    A varying level of sacrifice is required in different levels of one’s life. Recently I came across or you can say, realization that some amount of sacrifice of something is required in my simple life also. But the most ironic of all is that nobody can’t escape from this strange thing called “Sacrifice”. As life progress, you left behind your childhood friends and then, when you enter professional life, you again lost contact with your school and college friends. Strange enough, huh? But this is quite true. But if you choose the profession of police, then you choose to sacrifice your life and not just your friendship, personal life and family but your whole life for the betterment of the people.

    If you are a police man, then: you sacrifice your sleep for the sound peaceful sleep of others, you sacrifice your quality time with your family and children for the peaceful time of others’ family and children, you sacrifice/skip your meal for others to have meal peacefully, you sacrifice your blood for others’ to prevent bloodshed.

    Well, it is also true that not all policemen are sincere and respectable but there are bunch of policemen who sacrifice lots of their personal and human rights to protect the human rights of others. Nobody was born as a machine to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week but policemen do work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Nobody wants to walk out when he is having a sound sleep with his wife but policemen ought to do so. Think over it again and again before you comment on any policeman because he could be one of these sincere policemen.

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