• Even if the exterior design of a house is superb, if the interior design is not good, then you will not get the charm in that house because exterior design is for the onlookers but inhabitants of the house also matter the interior design of the house. It is the interior design of a house that gives comforts and pleasant feeling to the inhabitants.

    The appearance of the interior of a house also depends on the curtains and the drapes use to decorate the table, door and the windows. So, it is very important to choose beautiful and attractive drapes and curtains according to the paint of your house and the design. If you are looking for great design curtains and drapes, then these burlap drapes and curtains are worth paying a look because you will find wide range of drapes and curtains with different patterns and colours.

    The Mary Kom is supposed to be a biopic but it could make it up to certain level only. Part of the story which deviates from the original. Fighting with a man for money in the fight club kind of thing does not exist in Manipur and I doubt she did such kind of thing in her whole life.

    No doubt the movie is good and Priyanka Chopra did a fabulous job in this and she would have worked really hard to bring that kind of physique and moves in the boxing. But in course of the story when the gruesome moments come in the movie, it always seems like something is lacking whether the acting or the story.

    But overall the movie is good with simple story line and some touch of humour is also there in the movie. People must be enjoying some of scenic places of Manipur but to some people it may look like art film because in some part of the movie, it really seems like an art movie without much conversation.

    Ibanez guitar for music lovers

    Just like life is dull without music, music is dull without guitar. There are different types of guitar and also different brands. People choose the type of guitar based on their taste for music. Some people always prefer acoustic guitar but there are others who are crazy about electric guitar. Yet there are some people who are crazy about the bass guitar. Even if the taste of guitar is varying but people always love to have good guitar of renowned brand to have good quality sound.

    There are different makers of guitar and it is very difficult to differentiate sometimes. But an expert can easily narrow down to some brands of guitar which are worth buying and Ibanez is one of them. There are reviews about Ibanez guitars and if you are looking for Ibanez guitars or other good brand guitar, then you can check the reviews by the expert which would be very helpful in making your decision.

    Like the saying goes, “├ľnce an idiot is always an idiot”, Once a good movie is always a good movie. There was time when life was so occupied and busy with work and family and you hardly get time to watch a single movie yet you get all the updates of newly released movie. Now there is time in life when you enjoy endless leisure time scratching your back, basking sun but you don’t get any update about the release of good movie.

    Now I am posted in one of the remotest places in India where there is less work but lots of time to watch movie and focus on hobbies. Nowadays I use to watch movies 4-5 hours a day whether good or bad movie. But I came across recently is that there is always a message or good thing in any kind of movie. The so called bad movie is bad because it doesn’t have the element that you are looking for.

    So, never just say that a movie is good or bad because it may hurt the sentiment of those who love that movie. Rather it is wise to say that it does not have the element that you are looking for in that movie. But my taste for movie keeps on changing with time, years, season and nature of work. So, currently I enjoy action movies that do not need much brain without much story as nowadays I watch movies along with my colleagues in the TV hall.

    Elegant bracelet of your choice

    Woman and beauty are just like synonyms and man always wants to buy the most beautiful and elegant things for his woman. There are some special occasions in life. Marriage and engagement are the most important among those occasions. Anniversary, birthday etc. are some of those events in your life which always bring color to your life. If you want to make the occasion more special and want to make your woman happy, then there are unique design and elegant bracelets. There is pandora bracelet which is unique in design and also you will get in different colors.

    You can choose the type of design and also the color of the bracelet according to the favorite color of your lady. The wide range of design of bracelet make it possible for you to choose the most suitable one of your choice. Now your day will be a special one when your lady is happy. :)

    The journey of life has too many twists and turns and nobody really knows what may change your life in entirety. But there are some basic things in life which remain unchanged throughout the journey of life. If one knows these basics of life, then you will be a successful and happy man in your own way.

    I used to love movies, I still love movies but I hardly get time to watch even a single movie in full. Also, nowadays because of my new job and new responsibility, things are like movies. Everyday is a new day for me with new cases each day.

    In this short period of time, I realized something which is very important in everyone’s life who is serving as public servant and administrator. In technical job like that of Engineers etc. in corporate world, human behavior doesn’t play much role. But in the job as an administrator or public servant, the human behavior of the individual plays a vital role. You can’t just rely on your bookish knowledge for administration.

    So, the basic things of humour, relationship with public, sub ordinate, strict command etc. will be of great help if you want to conduct your business of administration successfully.